Marty has over 40 years in the beauty industry, including years of study in Europe at both Sassoon’s Academy in London and at Dessange in Paris. She is a specialist in organic, natural, and food-based beauty products. She is an educator on self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love - all necessary components of the transformative process. She is presently the manager of the BECOME organic salon at the Hippocrates Health Institute.


Marty is here to spoil you with inspiration, with encouragement, with empowerment, and with delicious body, skin and hair products. 


Marty Landau
Co-Creator & Sacred Stylist


Elise Goldstein is a creative arts therapist, medicine woman, and researcher, presently living in France.


She is a specialist in intra-personal communication, the study of how inner dialogue shapes the creation of self, identity and perception. Her practice focuses on healing through personal or collective ritual, creative expression, sensorial experience, and symbolic action. She believes, wholeheartedly, that pleasure can transform the body, just as empathy can transform the world. 

She is joining us to prepare ritual baths, offer private sessions and facilitate our Cacao Ceremony.

For more information about Elise & her current project, visit www.transformatorium.org

Elise Goldstein
Medicine Woman, Meaning-Maker & Muse


Healing begins with learning to listen. Remi will be leading the group's sacred sound meditations each morning with his hang drum and didgeridoo, in addition to guided tai chi classes and maybe even a spirit-song circle if the group wishes.


Born in France, and once a local in Provence, Remi - in addition to composing and performing his own music - is a music-therapist, educator, and Tai Chi teacher. Through his experience as a musician, paired with his background in martial arts, he has developed a strong sensitivity and awareness of energetic, bodily vibration. Both disciplines emphasize attunement, first with oneself and then with others. 

For more information about Remi & his current project, visit www.transformatorium.org

Remi Confida
Troubadour & Spirit-Singer


Dr. Thea Amelia Bert is a Naturopathic Doctor, licensed massage therapist, and Cellular Resonance Technique practitioner for stress relief and relaxation.


Currently residing in West Palm Beach, Florida Dr. Thea works at Hippocrates Health Institute in the Oasis Spa and Therapy Center. She is here to hold space and assist in the reintegration and embodiment of consciousness through a combination of massage tools and techniques. Her greatest passion is assisting others to delve deeper into the mind, body and soul, reconnecting to the universe both within and the outward reflection. True health and wellness, the vitality and clarity that we all seek are best achieved through addressing the entire system. When one synchronizes their energetic, spiritual, emotional and cellular physical body a whole new world is created. 

For more about Thea and her endeavors please visit


Dr. Thea Amelia Bert N.D. LMT CRTP
Massage Therapist & Resonant Integrator