Liquid Cleanse with a Twist of Indulgence
Sunday April 28 - Friday May 3, 2019

Liquid cleanses provide much-needed relief and release for the body. Something between a spring-cleaning-spree and a relaxing vacation. Your internal organs work hard! They want and deserve a break! But it's so hard to find time, discipline, space and support. That's why we're doing this together!


For most people, the thought of a liquid cleanse evokes sensations of dread, hunger, boredom, frustration and temptation. We've made a plan to take the pain out of this process. This is where the decadence part comes in. We're going to SPOIL YOU. No asceticism here. We're going to make this pleasurable!


Living is about connecting! To support health, we must support connection. Together, we will connect to our bodies, to our inner vision, to our imaginations, to each other, to nature, to breath, to our reason for being, and to our senses (yes, all of them!). Connection is the most powerful and sustainable source of pleasure. And we're all about pleasure.


When you make the decision to detox, you make a decision to welcome a new you into this world. Happy rebirthday! You get to reinvent yourself, and we're here to help. We'll give you lots of new tools that leave you empowered, excited, inspired, and ready to return to your world with a clear mind, fresh eyes, and a new back full of tricks.


It isn't by accident that we chose Provence as the location for this retreat. Discovery is its own form of nourishment. Natural beauty, gorgeous local produce, markets, art, history, elegance, architecture, romance, and a rich history of cultivating all kinds of heavenly ingredients for body & beauty products.

C'est extraordinaire!


Our venue is a private paradise. The villa we have reserved is a stunning sanctuary of self-care and comfort. With a stylish yet cozy interior, and an expansive garden, it will serve as the perfect cocoon for our individual and collective transformation. This retreat is booked by-the-bed. To discover which accommodations are still available - click 'more'.