Liquid Cleanse with a Twist of Indulgence
Sunday April 28 - Friday May 3, 2019


You may not know this, but...

Your skin drinks more than your lips.

Okay, that may sound a little strange, but it's so true! Our skin is our largest organ and it consumes (that's right, absorbs) every micro-particle it comes into contact with!


We have a plan to show you some amazing ways to eat with your skin! With superfoods and micronutrients and all sorts of delicious-feeling ingredients.

We are FEASTING on this detox cleanse! That's right! Your secondary digestive system is going to be in full-on-indulgence-mode. 

Liquid Cleanse

"The Rules"

So, first - there are no rules. Your body is yours and we want you to listen to it. You are not here to be forced into anything! You're free!


But we do have guidelines, and everything we provide will be in line with them. 

  • We will have 7 liquid rounds per day:

    • early morning cleansing teas & infusions

    • breakfast chia drinks & smoothies

    • mid-morning green detox juices

    • lunchtime soups

    • mid-afternoon pick-me-up smoothies

    • dinner soups

    • before-bed 'touch of sweetness' dessert teas

  • Our ingredients will be:​ vegan​soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free & GMO-free

  • Our ingredients will include many superfoods and adaptogens to assist with detoxification, nervous system support, metabolic and hormonal balancing, liver cleansing, energy regulation, nutrient absorption, remineralizing, and much more​

  • Some of the soups will be warm, but most of what we serve is raw

  • A huge variety of amazing and supportive teas will be always available, in addition to fresh nut-milks (in case you've got some intense detoxing symptoms to curb)

  • we will also be offering plant tinctures, oil infusions, bach remedies, isotonic sea water & sea plasma treatments, and other elixirs to support your particular body


We want you to know what you're drinking!

All recipes will be fully disclosed, and also provided in lovely recipe books for your continued enjoyment when you return home.


We know that everybody and every body is different. You've got your own needs and concerns and cravings and even preferences! We're really happy to work with you on this. This should be fun and enjoyable! So, we ask all participants to let us know about:

  • ingredients you love 

  • ingredients you don't

  • allergies

  • specific wishes (for higher iron, higher minerals, higher or lower fat, etc.)

  • "comfort" flavors (teas, for instance, that make you feel all cuddly inside)

  • anything else that feels important for us to include in our preparation of the menu

We will try our best to lavish everyone with gorgeous combinations and satisfying blends. This is, after all, your cocoon. It should be a ​wonderfully delicious.




is the best


We all know by now that stress is way more toxic than any material substance we can put in our bodies. Physical enjoyment and pleasure are available to help us remember why it's so amazing to be alive! And thus, they are really our best partners in healing.

Most of us find the majority of our sensory pleasure through food. By taking time to step away from that model of pleasure-intake, it frees us to enjoy our other magnificent senses, and their universe of diversity.

Your indulgence-based treatment plan for the retreat includes:

  • SMELL: a mini-course in working with essential oils at one of the worlds most pure, mindful, well-researched and experienced oil distilleries

  • SOUND: we will be sure to keep you enveloped in an environment of sweet song and atmospheric soundscapes in our common areas

  • TOUCH: a mini-course in self-massage, personalized bath rituals, as well as private sessions of massage, body work and body treatments available

  • SIGHT: our location could not offer more in the way of natural splendor. Your eyes will be tearing with delight and amazement.

  • TASTE: as mentioned above, our liquid cleanse is anything but boring. We'll be sure to keep your taste-buds singing.

On this plan, you will be feasting with your whole body - not just your mouth. This will make the liquid cleanse soooo much more delectable.





As we work on transforming the inner and outer - we offer embodiment practices to assist with the necessary integration of the two. Harmonizing the relationship between the physical body and inner experience (Spirit-Mind-Heart) supports sustainable growth and change.


For movement, grounding and expression - in this retreat, there are multiple, guided opportunities each day to enter this practice of integration through GUIDED MEDITATION with LIVE HANG-DRUM MUSIC, TAI CHI, BREATH WORK, and SHARING CIRCLES. All are optional. All are encouraged.

We will also share in the experience of a CACAO CEREMONY:

We will welcome the creative, pleasure-filled, grounding and resourcing atmosphere of "Mama Cacao". She is the plant-patroness of fertility, sensuality, and creation. Her energy will put us in direct connection with the power of the earth to regenerate and to transform everything into nourishment. She will be our guide and guardian in the process of releasing obstacles in our process of healing, and inviting new inspiration for our process of growing. Healing and growing, healing and growing - this is the dance of life. In this circle, we invite Mama Cacao to share her sweetness, her gentle rhythm, and bless us our own dance of wisdom.

We also really encourage everyone to take time to follow the walking paths. We provide guidance for WALKING MEDITATIONS and also maps which give you the opportunity to go deeply inside, and to also connect to the nature surrounding us.




You've taken time out for this process of detox, release, and re-invention. We are here to help! Our team is ready to schedule your private sessions. 

OFFERINGS include:

  • Massage therapy and bodywork

  • Soul-Mapping : a 'shamanic' process to assist transformation

  • Ritual Baths : a private meditative moment for envisioning

  • Make-overs and style consulting (hair, skin, make-up)

Growing in and out

of the Cocoon

Part of our not-so-secret plan to spoil you includes plenty of opportunities to be creative and to make things with your very own hands, things to lovingly and lavishly gift yourself or your loved ones upon your return.

WORKSHOPS include:

  • DIY Tinctures & Infusions 

Plants are full of​ wisdom and secrets. This workshop will show us all how to unlock them - and also how to find healing allies in the plant kingdom.

  • Bach Flower Essences

​Soul Therapy through Flower Energy. We will create our very own potion to support our individual needs during the retreat. Bach Flowers are soul helpers; they bring messages from another world, like making a telephone call to converse with your inner voice if you can’t hear it anymore. It’s so inspiring. 

  • Cleanse & Detox Methodologies

Our bodies are full of different intricate systems! The lymphatic system, the immune system, the digestive system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system - so much going on! We're going to share different tips with you on how to provide some tender loving care to help each system let go and release all it's been carrying.

  • Self-Massage Techniques 

In this extended workshop, we will learn all about self-massage strategies and even have the (optional) opportunity to learn how to massage one another as well. These are definitely tools that will return home with you. Healing hands ​are welcome at any gathering.

  • The Healing Power of Touch

Your body is always listening for affection and pleasure through physical contact. This workshop will open up techniques of this neuro-chemical rebalancing practice, using the giving and receiving of touch, eye contact and breath to increase levels of GABA ('the anti-anxiety molecule'), serotonin ('the confidence molecule'), oxytocin ('the bonding molecule') and even endocannabinoids ('the bliss molecule').




So, we want you to have as much space as you need for relaxation, slowness, gentleness and release during this cleanse. However, we're also offering lots of opportunities for discovery and experience (and maybe most importantly, FUN. That's right. I said it. Detoxing can and should be fun; and we are determined to prove this). 

OUTINGS include:

  • La Musée des Arômes et du Parfum (a research, production and treatment center of essential oils and wellness)

  • Les Baux de Provence - a mountain top village of stone over 8,000 years old. Amazingly, this village has only 22 residents but nevertheless, it is home to a vegan juice bar and tea room. Can you believe it? Here we come!

  • Les Carrieres des Lumieres (a projected, light-based art exhibition inside of ancient caves, deep within the mountain)



Our Sanctuary of Self-Love in Saint Andiol, Provence

Located very close to Avignon, our venue is a beautifully renovated 19th-century farmhouse, nestled in a vast garden. Amenities include a state-of-the-art kitchen, wood-burning fireplace, wifi connection, vast terraces, a heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna, clay tennis courts, and even a few bicycles for our use. Enchanting. Stylish. Spacious. Private.  This magical site is guaranteed to make us feel like the loving, empowered, harmonious creatures that we all are. 

The whole property is reserved exclusively for our retreat.


We have a variety of sleep options available, due to the architectural nature of the venue. 

We have modulated the prices according to accommodation preferences. 

The following fees include the whole retreat package - please visit the registration page for further details.